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As Golden Carpet, we have been serving all our customers with quality, stylish and modern carpets since the day we were founded.

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GoldenHalı-zaraCarpet production of hand woven carpets

GoldenHalı-zaraCarpet production of hand woven carpets

GoldenHalı-Chopin Carpet production of hand woven carpets 

WOOL CARPET “WHAT WOOL IS A GREAT BLESSING sheep wool Carpet benefits: many germs and disease germs escape from wool. natural, strong, flexible Sheep's wool at a glance Carpet rug properties building physics as insulation material High degree of diffusion and capillary activity Sheep wool is odor and pollutant neutralizer Sheep wool and other materials Sheep wool is used for thermal insulation Disadvantages of sheep wool. and therefore has ecological characteristics. Products made of sheep's wool Carpet rug insulation convinces with its very good thermal insulation properties and provides excellent sound and heat protection. they are relatively robust and versatile.